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The Notorious BIG Lebowski

by Handsome Boy Banks

Promo photos by Tyler Valencia link below

Handsome Boy Bank$, born Thomas Daniel Slovinski in Lansing, MI, began rapping at the age of 14, encouraged by his proclivity for smack-talking, and quickly found his niche through his quick wit, swaggering style and sublime talent for creating playful, imaginative images.


     Currently based in Los Angeles, HBB’s performances were first embraced in the alternative comedy scene, as he shared the stage with the likes of Neil Hamburger, Maria Bamford, Demetri Martin, Ali Wong, Rory Scovel, Reggie Watts and Patton Oswalt.


     Finding his rap name’s inspiration in Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, Handsome Boy Bank$ positions himself as a roguish champion of the working class, raised on hip-hop, pro wrestling, romantic comedies and reality TV, creating a truly unique voice in modern hip-hop - larger-than-life, brutally honest, and full of punchlines. In an age where mumbling has overtaken articulation, HBB’s debut LP, The Notorious BIG Lebowski, demands every word be heard and rewards repeat listens as he showcases eccentric wordplay, pop culture references, and unpopular opinions to create a vivid portrait of an uncompromising artist digging deep within himself to make an unforgettable first impression.



Release Party photos courtesy of Stephen Brooks Photography make sure to follow him on Instagram @stephen_brooks_photo Click Link below

I am nothing without these two guys in my corner. All of the production, mixing, engineering, mastering, recording and smoking was done with these guys. Klyd and Sickward. Check out their stuff. Click the links below.


News & Updates


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*August 19, 2018 The Showcase Tour The Union Nightclub Los Angeles, CA Doors at 7pm 21+

*August 31, 2018 Manifest Presents Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA Doors at 6:30 All Ages